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About Us

Share the Khair, Donations Made Easy!


SHARE AN IFTAR is an Empowering Ummah Inc. initiative, who have been in the field of sharing and caring since 2012.

Lets make the best use of Technology during RAMADAN and after, to help in feeding the people who fast for the pleasure of our Creator!

Every RAMADAN, since 2011, we have been distributing EID KITS through various partners and have maintained complete transparency and accountability.

We follow a 100% donation system and nothing is deducted towards administrative expense or anything else.

The cycle of donation is exhibited below:

  • The user logs into the app and is made aware of the various sharing options
  • On selection of any one of the options, the user is taken to the payment gateway
  • Option to donate via Debit Card, Credit Card and Net banking is available
  • On Successful payment the user get a receipt in the email and money is transferred to the NGO
  • The NGO utilizes the money for the specified purpose of donation

Want to know more

Where does your money go?
Credibility of the NGO receiving the funds is of utmost importance and surety clause for each sharing options provides transparency on the utilization of your valuable funds.
We ensure that the donations received for each specified sharing option is utilized only for that specified activity alone.
In order to ensure maximum benefit to the needy, we have tied up with some reputed NGO's.
And we are continuously exploring more opportunities to tie up with NGOs of proven record, stature and credibility to ensure we reach out to the needy, this Ramadan.
How does the app sustain?
The Web/Mobile App sustains with the help of a few ads that are placed on the application.