Feed A Mother

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Feed A Mother

"Feed a Mother" at just INR 1,500/- Per Month.

"Feed a Mother" is where we facilitate provision of food items to widows and destitute who fend for themselves on a monthly basis

We continuously endeavor to find the needy and regularly enlist them, who inspire us to do more for the society. We have shortlisted a 100 women from our distributions locations viz., Jangamkote and Yadgir, who inspire us to do more for the society. These are those special women who work hard for themselves and their families and cater to the needs of their children and elders, all alone, on their own.

We want your support to support them. The monthly provisions required for these people can be easily satisfied with just INR 1,500/- per month.

With not having to worry about where the food comes from we intend to empower them and allow them to concentrate on other important necessities of life.

Let's together empower these women and work towards a better tomorrow for our society.

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